Duct Diaper (25 pack)


The Duct Diaper is an innovative product that prevents debris from entering into air ducts during construction and renovations.

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The Duct Diaper comes in a package of 25 Duct Diapers. The Duct Diaper traps debris before the HVAC system. With easy installation and removal, the use of this product will reduce the overall cost to the consumer by eliminating air duct cleaning services. The Duct Diaper will assist your overall air quality when using during construction or remodeling. Debris will collect in the bottom of the bag while also allowing heat to exit during winter months. When construction is completed, pull the two straps, causing the bag to close and tear away from the duct seamlessly. Debris will be trapped inside the bag for simple discarding practices. The Duct Diaper comes in three different types (A,B,C) to secure in ducts of dimension variations.

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