About Us

It all began in March of 1959 when 18 year old Thomas Boland emigrated from Ireland to the United States to pursue the “American Dream.” After befriending a local Irishman in the Southside of Chicago, Thomas learned the painting and construction business and eventually started his own in 1966. Since then, the business has greatly expanded into the creation of the Duct Diaper, a device that is placed inside air ducts during remodeling and construction to prevent debris from entering into the vents. 

Start of construction of renovated home

One of the many construction projects MPB Solutions Inc. has worked on

Due to its success and high achievement, MPB Solutions Inc. has since created T.F. Boland and Sons Decorating Inc., where Thomas’s sons Michael and Tom have taken over the family business. In addition to the Duct Diaper, we offer painting, remodeling, and construction services. We are a one-stop-shop into assuring that you have your dream home at a reasonable price. With a family run business, we will guarantee you the highest quality on any of our products and services.